Sunday, April 1, 2012

Top 30 Quotes from my Biggest Boy

1. The first thing L said when he met J " Where are his teef?". 02/28/2010

2. It's funny that L gets highly offended when I call him Baby or if I call J Big Boy. He faithfully reminds me who is who." He is not the big boy. I da big boy and J is the baby boy!" 04/20/2010


3."Mommy, watch out for prik-a-ree pork-pine quills cause I love you so much." 05/21/2010


4."My super power feet have an idea"-L 06/14/2010


5. I just caught L praying through his cries after getting in trouble yesterday, "Please, God, please help me to be a good boy." He was so sweet, head bowed, eyes closed and hands folded. Love those teachable moments! 06/16/2010

6. This morning I asked L to bring me a book to read for him and J. He said, "No thank-you". I tried to convince him and he said, "The answer is no, Mom, I'm not gonna say it again." Ha! I hate when you can't get on to them because you’re laughing so hard. 06/23/2010 


7. I just asked L if I was his best friend. He said, “I not your best friend. You is a big kid" 07/06/2010

 8. L asked me to sing him a monster song. After several made up songs that were not apparently not good enough, I sang one with a mean raspy voice. I guess that was the one because he burst into tears and said, "Sing Jesus Loves Me quick. " 07/23/2010


9.L sat with some of the teens at dinner tonight and when I asked him if he had fun he said, “Yeah, those are my big friends." 08/01/2010


10.L informed me that he has a rash because a dragon breathed fire on his butt. Good to know. 08/03/2010


11.L went poo poo in the potty all by himself today! I took him the to store to get a prize as promised. When he was picking it out he looked at a little boy next to him and said very casually, “Yeah, I went poo poo in the potty.” The boy didn’t seem impressed. 08/06/2010


12. L was in his first musical at church. He wiggled around the whole time but he sang the song. When it was over he jumped off the stage and yelled. “I did it! “ 08/08/2010

13. "I have chocolate milk in my boobies"- L 08/09/2010 


14. We were laying in L’s bed and saying what we were thankful for. We were naming random things around his room (lights, toys, walls) He looked at me and grabbed my eyebrow and said, “I love you brownie” 08/10/2010


15. You know your kid is obsessed with Backyardigans when he refers to his brother as "Baby Tyrone" all day. 08/14/2010


16. Today we took him to Open House at our school.
When it quieted down after the applause from teachers being introduced,
he yelled from the back, “Come on, guys, you waked up my baby brother.
Come on, guys" 08/23/2010


17. L is watching Peter Pan  in his Peter Pan costume. He is taking this very seriously. He is not happy with Captain Hook..Oh..and he gets very upset if I call him L. His name is Peter. 09/14/2010


18. I did not want to get up before 7am this morning. Thanks, Peter Pan. 09/15/2010


19. L got his haircut this morning and when we got back to the car he looked upset. When I asked him why, he said with a mean face, “she cut off my horns." Haha ( he thought he was Tyrone from Backyardigans) 10/02/2010

20. "When I do bad things, I am listening to dragons." –Luke 10/11/10
21. Last night after church I was told that L hit Emalee and was sent to time out.
Me: L, why did you hit Emalee? She's your friend.
L: It wasn't my fault. I turned into a dragon and breathed fire on Emalee.
Emalee: It's Ok. I forgave them. 10/17/10
22. “L, will you tell Mommy a story about Halloween?” “No, Halloween is bad and it is scary.” “Who told you that?” “God” 10/18/10 

23. L came to me covered in my foundation makeup. I said, “L, if you made a big mess for me, you are going to get in big trouble.” L said, “Don’t worry, Mommy it’s just a little mess. I won’t need a spanking.” 10/18/2010

24. I cannot believe how manipulative a three year old could be. L never wants to go to bed. Today when he was supposed to be taking a nap, he came out and asked for a hug. Then he said, “Mommy can we nuggle. I love when we nuggle.”10/18/10

25. [crying] “I don’t want a pokey chin!” He doesn’t like rubbing against daddy’s beard stubble. 10/26/10

26 We went out to eat and Joey said to the waitress, “Hey, Hun, can I get a fork?”  L pointed at me and said, “That’s your Hun, Daddy.” Then while he was eating yogurt with a spoon she passed by again and he said, “ Hey, Hun, can I get a spoon?”  05/01/2011

27. I took L to Dunkin Donuts and another customer with a missing tooth and a very raspy smoker’s voice asked Luke what he was going to order. He looked at her with a very strange look on his face and said, “Why do you talk like a scary Monster?” The when she said something else to him He said, “Where did your tooth go? Did the tooth fairy take it?”  05/05/11

28. L: I am not going to obey anymore.
Me: You are going to obey. I don't know who you think you are.
L: I am L A T, your son 05/28/11
29. “Listen up, J, if Mommy says no, I say no so you better obey us.” 02/15/12

30. Heard L yell in serious anger, "Stop it, J! You're just a little baby who drinks milk from Mommy's boobies." ( no, I do not breastfeed J) 01/07/12



  1. Adorable! You've done a great job documenting sweet little quotes from your son. You'll love that you have these written down when he is big.

  2. Thanks, Nina! I loved reading about your day with your kids. :o) It's so fun being a Mommy!