Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chore Chart!

As everyone else is winding down the school year, I am getting super excited to prepare for home school. I want to practice getting into good habits this summer so that when school starts we are ready to go. Thus, I have created a beautiful CHORE CHART! I wanted to implement a chore chart since I am barely able to keep up with housework now and I haven't even started . I am excited to teach my boys responsibility and let them help out while earning a little something too. I've spend some time researching blogs and Pinterest but couldn't find anything that I thought would be a good fit for us. Some were too complicated and some were just not what I was looking for. So, I took some ideas that I saw and came up with my own. TA-DAAA

 The top part is what they need to do daily in the morning and evening. When they finish a task they just close it to show the word "done."  

To make it, I  put some magnet strips on half a folded 3X5 card. Don't be jealous of my art work. One of the benefits of not being a perfectionist is that I can finish things quickly but of course it's never going to look as neat as if Joey would have done it. But it gets the job done and looks cute enough for me. :o)

Daily chores: get dressed, go potty, flush and wash hands, eat and put dishes in the sink, brush teeth and pick up toys.



When all daily chores are complete, they will have the chance to earn some money with optional chores.
I will have a 6 and 3 year old, so I had a hard time coming up with things they can do that won't cause me extra work but actually be a help to me. L is pretty good at helping now and J is actually the more organized one. He loves things to be in order ( he got that from Daddy, not me, unfortunately)

 They just move the task from the " Extra $" section to corner with their name. I used Velcro dots to attach these chores.  I probably should have used my art skills once again since J can't read but I have a feeling this won't be something he can do independently anyway.

Optional chores:  read to brother or sister, bring back trash can ( from front to back yard), sweep kitchen floor, pick up porch, organize shoes, pick up movies, dust, wipe down tables, pick up messy living room, put away clean clothes, bring dirty clothes to hamper,  and organize toy corner.

Each optional chore has an amount they can earn and I will never force them to do these chores ( at least not this year!) 

I'm excited to make this fun and get them started but will wait till summer officially begins. My goal is to be consistent and set a high standard for them to earn the money so that they always do their best work. Meaning, they won't be able to earn the $0.50 if the job isn't done correctly. This will be a personal challenge since I tend to be too easy on them. :o) I'm excited to see how it goes!