Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Go ahead, be a kid and make a mess!

It all started with L innocently asking to do a "project." I thought it would be fun to go outside and get some rocks to paint and then hide them like Easter eggs. Simple and fun!   We went out and got some rocks. Then I set everything up- keeping the paint with me at all times until we were ready to start. I even remembered to put some newspaper down so we wouldn't make too much of a mess. Ha! Not exactly an easy task when it involves a two year old. L is finally old enough to understand why we do not mix colors but J is still working on that concept. I thought it would help to keep one Q-tip in each color instead of trying to get them to dip their paintbrush in the water after each use.


 It worked for a few minutes until J found something more exciting to do.

L was working hard to paint his "eggs"  and did not mix the paint. This is a huge difference from last year.


I can honestly say that L and J (sort of) painted every egg all by themselves. I love how I think when we start these fun little projects that I will actually get to participate. Instead I am guarding the furniture, walls and E from J. Inevitably, the mess and the blending of every color happened so instead of stressing, we decided to take this party to the bathtub.  ( Listen-I love how J copies everything L does!)


 I need to clean those walls anyway.


They were so excited to be allowed to make a mess! They had the time of their lives. But as all adventures, this one had to come to an end...until tomorrow at least. 

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