Quote of the Day

L: Mommy, I really like a girl a school ALOT!
Me: Why do you like her?
L: Because she is pretty and she is cute and she smiled when I squeezed her hand.
Me: What's her name?
L: I don't know that yet.

Joey asked him about it last night and he said, " she has black hair and she stinks like strawberries." 8/29/12

 Me: Guess what, Luke..Today is Mommy and Daddy's Anniversary. Do you know what an anniversary is?
L: Yeah, Yeah, it's when you have a parade for your wedding 10/9/12

  L: I'm gonna smoke when I become a big daddy
Me: Why?
L: Don't worry I will only buy one pack to smoke and then I'll quit 04/14/12

 " Look, J has radishes (rashes) all over his body!" -L 04/09/12

 “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”   Dr. Seuss  04/05/12

  " I cut my own finger nails and my finger toes." -L 04/04/12

"When I become a big daddy and be the driver, where will you sit, Daddy?" -L
I love that he assumes we will always be in the car together. 04/03/12