Mess of the Day

Trying to balance a class cup on his head, L dropped it an shattered glass all over the floor,  04/14/12

J poured a entire thing of coffee creamer on the kitchen floor while I was cleaning Joey;s body soap that spilled in a drawer on the bathroom.04/14/12

 04/12/12. Yup. That's mud.

Joey took the boys to his brothers house and within 5 minutes, there was powdered laundry soap all over the kitchen floor.  Thanks, J! 04/09/12

Little Man loves to pour out anything  I give him in any container. Today is was KIX. 04/05/12


Instead of eating the delicious Nutella crackers I made the boys, J decided to decorate his belly button. 04/03/12

I was finally tackling a mountain of clean clothes on my bed, when J decided to "help" and started piling the DIRTY clothes on my bed as well. 04/02/12