Sunday, June 17, 2012


TOP TEN REASONS WE LOVE DADDY (by Luke) Judah kept saying, “Daddy play”


1. He tells me stories about elephants and scary stories


2. He has funny hair

3. He dresses up like a tiger that roars

4. He plays animals with me like lions, tigers, cats, elephants and cheetahs

5. He plays zoo keepers


6. He brushes and flosses my teeth

7. I wish Daddy were my brother and someone else could be the Dad so Daddy could play all the time and the other Dad could go to work. I wish I still have 
   Judah also. 


8. He wrestles with me, Mommy and Judah. Eden is too little.


9. Daddy teaches me about Jesus.


10.                        He loves me. 


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What happened to my blog?

I got all excited to start a blog and then kinda fell of the bandwagon. Why? The main reason- TIME! Yikes! I don't know how some of these professional looking bloggers do it with  little ones at home. You can't give 100% to everything- something has to give- for me, it was SLEEP! I was staying up way too late working on blogs. With three little ones, sleep is very precious to me. The second reason I haven't blogged is because we have been going through the fire over here. I know the Lord is teaching us many things and I am so thankful. I have my family and we are all healthy but we have had trial after trial. I know those are things that others need to hear and I will share them but for now I am just trying to lean on my Saviour and hold on tight. The last reason I haven't blogged is because since I've started blogging, I've also started reading other blogs and honestly there are so many out there that are way more advanced than mine. Anything I can say, 100 other bloggers are saying the same thing-only fancier. But for all 9 of my followers out there- rest assured- I will be back..just not as frequently.