Thursday, April 5, 2012

I love you, Pinterest!

I would not consider myself super creative and not at all crafty but Pinterest as has been a nice breath of fresh air for me and the boys. I love adventure and experimenting with new ideas. I have tried so many little projects with them and they love it! I won't go into too much detail with directions but you can find every one of these projects on my Pinterest page most of which are under the "for the babies" pin board.   Just click my Pinterest button on the right side of this blog. I'll probably write about future activities individually but here's a little taste of what we've done so far.

We made bird feeders! We collected pine cones,  painted them with peanut butter, shook them in a paper bag filled with bird seed and hung them on trees.

We made dinosaur eggs!  This was probably our favorite. I gathered the ingredients- salt, water, used coffee grinds ( that were suppose to be dry but I was impatient), water, dirt, flour, and plastic dinosaurs. I love that most activities I find on Pinterest require supplies that I already have in my house.

Then we got to work!

Then we let them dry

And had lots of fun helping them hatch!

We made fireworks! I put oil and water in a jar and dropped food coloring inside. When the drops got through the oil, it made "fireworks."

 J was very impressed!

 Here are some idea's I got for J's 2nd birthday party. Dump truck cupcakes. It's just crushed Oreo on top.

Joey did all the decorating and even made the sign. ( Yes, he did that on purpose)

 For the party, we also made our own giant bubbles and cut the bottoms of water bottles for the wands. I was amazed at how well it worked. We've made these bubbles several times since.

We made sidewalk paint! It was just cornstarch, water and food coloring.


Even E was impressed!

We took an ocean bath! I gathered all the ocean bath toys, filled the tub and tinted the water with food coloring and they took a bath in the ocean.! They loved it! And no, it did not dye their skin.

I even tried something with my hair! And if you know me, I am not so great at doing my hair. But I'm willing to work in that! :o)


I learned early on as a teacher to beg, borrow and steal ideas! Thank-you , Pinterest, for allowing us to do just that!


  1. LOVE, Love, love Pinterest. I have learned so many things that I would have 1. never known existed and 2. never been brave enough to try had I not seen how easy the directions were written in plain english! :-)

    Gotta Love people who are willing to share their talents with us.