Wednesday, February 13, 2013

52 Random Acts of Kindness

My dad would have been 52 on September 12th. I want to celebrate his life. I decided to do 52 acts of kindness in his honor by his birthday started an event on Facebook and asked others to join me. I thought it would be nice to get at least 52 people to join me. It could have been  as simple as smiling at a stranger or as complicated as forgiving someone who has hurt you. 242 people joined the event and I was overwhelmed by the love and generosity of others.

I wanted to do random acts of kindness to honor my earthy AND heavenly father. I only share these acts of kindness to inspire others to do the same because I am so inspired when I see other people being the hands and feet of Jesus. I am praying that the Lord will get ALL the glory and keep conforming me ( and all of us) to His image. 

#1-Just finished cutting a bunch of coupons for my first random act of kindness. They boys and I are going to Publix to leave them near the products.

 # 2 - Bought a drink for my cashier at Publix.
 # 3- Eric, the kids and I went to the hospital to pass out bottles of water to people in the waiting rooms. The head of administration said that we couldn't do it ourselves for security reasons, but she said they would have their staff pass out waters to everyone in all waiting areas in honor my my dad. She even took down his name
 # 4- Bought cookies, brownies, handwritten thank-you note and the book of John to the nurses in the NICU.
# 5- Gave water and bible to the lady who works at the front desk in hospital
.#6- Brought smiles, waters and a Bible to the managers of my park. ( She was very rude to me the other day but sweet today when I gave it to her) 
# 7 went on a 2 hour college tour with Eric today. Working on financial aide papers now.

# 8- Wrote thank-you notes to the nurses and staff at my kids pedi. I also brought them Krispy Kreme donuts.
#9- Left a note and candy bar for the over night on-call nurse. She has helped me many times in the middle of the night.
#10- left a gift and card to their pediatrician 
#'s 11-15 but going to keep them all private except # 12- I stopped and talked to an elderly neighbor for a few minutes when I was in a hurry. She is lonely and I want to go and visit her this week.
 #16 waited on 2 very long lines to support a Christian company that is under attack for answering a question and sharing their biblical beliefs. — at Chick-fil-A at Lake Brandon Village.
 #17- went school supply shopping for Luke and could not find magnetic letters and #'s that was on the list. I went to 4 different stores and finally found it at a grocery store of all places. I knew one of his classmates would need the same and we bought some for him too.( there was only one set left)
#18- I saw a man asking for money in the Walmart parking lot and watched as most people ignored him ( I am usually one of those people). I drove around to talk to him and gave him $2 and a gospel track. I regretted not giving him a bottle of water from the case I had in the back seat. I thought about it on the way home.
# 19-47 complete. Most of them remain I do not want to share because I want to remain anonymous. But I can share a couple-
 # 26 - that I let a lady ahead of me in line at the grocery store. She was very grateful. 
# 27- I helped a lady search for undershirts for her husband. She could not see the sizes so I stayed with her for a while until we found everything she needed. 
# 35 -I payed for the order behind me in the McDonald's drive thru
# 36- I cleaned up the condiment station at McDonald's. ( It was trashed and they were busy)
#48- monitored lunch for Luke's class so his teacher could have lunch.
#49-called, gathered and set up background check info for my in-laws church nursery ( still in progress)
#50 went and fixed all fallen flags for our neighborhood

#51- Filled laundry machines with quarters for the residents in our neighborhood

#52. This was by far the hardest one and was on his birthday. We went to an abortion clinic where they were giving free abortions today. I wanted to try and save a life today on my dad's birthday. I was able to talk to 3 girls personally and pray that the word of God pierced hearts today.


 Here are some of the Random Acts of Kindness from others who participated.  
There were so many and I can't possibly share them all but here is the link the to event page of you would like to read them all.
 A sweet friend, came over to bring me these delicious cookies in honor of my dad's birthday and for an act of kindness. At first I was delighted to have some yummy dessert for the next few days, but then realized she packed them in individual bags and with pretty stickers! She was giving them to me to pass out to people and receive the blessing.

On his birthday, my sweet sisters brought cupcakes to the hospital staff that we're taking care of my dad. I love you both so much!
Driving home on the LIE saw four kids waving for help thought one of them was hurt I pulled over. Turns out they had a flat and needed to borrow my tire jack :)
Today me and the kids walked to the beach and picked up all the broken glass we could find and threw it out. The kids felt so important and proud of themselves :)
We unexpectedly received tax return $ this week. Since it felt like a gift to us, we gave $250 to a family whose needs are great! Thank you, Father, for using Mr. Kudreyko to be a light for you so frequently with his gift of giving.
Today I got a kitten out of a tree at Walmart for a little old lady. It's sounds cliche but it was an actual call.
Helped elderly neighbor replace bathroom fixtures.
Reminded of when he helped me redo mine back in the 80s!
I gave a very dehydrated, tired, heat exhausted crazy runner woman a ride home and a drink today! ;-)
A woman in front of me at Walmart at the register was $7.26 short after her groceries were rung through. She started to dig through her groceries trying to decide what to take off, I handed the cashier $10.00 and told the woman no worries. The woman was so appreciative. It felt good and right :)
Happy Birthday to your Dad! I'm sure he is very proud of you!
Was out shopping today and saw that a lady had dropped a $20 bill out of her pocket at the register...she started to walk away, she didn't even know it was on the floor. I picked it up and called out to her and told her she had dropped it...She thanked me up and down and said that was her last bit of money and she needed it to pick up her medication at Walgreens. I smiled as she said God Bless you...Sometimes you never know what your action will do for another.
My husband passed of a brain tumor at 54 years old 4-1/2 months ago. He and I were known to be the ones who were always available for others, he would always be there for anyone who needed help mechanically. During the entire 9-1/2 months of his illness, people in our community (some we didn't even know) were bringing meals, gifts at Christmas, etc. It was both a heartwarming and sad time, but random acts, such as these, can make a difference!
One of my clients pretty much has nothing.He lives alone,and has only one family member that does things for him.It seems the family member is very busy.My client has been asking the family member for a can opener for a while now.My client has been opening his cans with random things.Over the weekend,i picked him up a can opener.When i brought it to him today,he cried with happy tears.Almost every week i pick him up something,,so stay
I walk to the beach down the block with Libby , for the last couple weeks I've been taking all the kids across the street about 4 of em. My dad loved kids.
Today at 7 11 the guy before me was giving the cashier a hard time and stormed out. I started a conversation with her and complimented her earrings and smiled, sometimes we don't need to do much, a kind word could just build up someone's whole day:)
There are several people over the past several weeks who have hurt me a little bit or ruffled my feathers, but in honor of Your Dad and my Mom, I am going to TRY to comfront them and forgive them.
Babysitted for the neighbors who needed a date night out !
signed up for an American Cancer Society walk in Rochester :) Making strides against breast cancer!!
Gave a stranded traveler a meal and $100.00 for gas to get them near their destination
Here are some Random Acts of Kindness that others shared about my dad. Many of these, I did not even know
I will also remembering how he would call when he knew I was going through a hard time n talk to me from experience n from his heart. He never judge me. I miss his way of always making me smile:)
Buying my first car. and my 2nd and 3rd. getting us cellphones for college. driving us to Florida for college, paying for college, picking us up from Florida, and flying us home in between all year when we were homesick. he always listened and never judged, never told me i was wrong. He held my hand when i walked down the aisle because it made me happy, even though it hurt him to give me away. I love him so much and am so grateful he was mine ♥ ( Julie)
When I was a teenager, my dad's neighbors were harassing me out their window when I walked by. I came in the house upset by what they said and told him. He was laying in his bed, watching TV in his tighty whities. He immediately jumped up from bed and ran over there as is. lol. I'm not sure what he said or did but they apologized, told me my dad was crazy and never bothered me again. I always felt protected and proud to be his daughter. ( me)
Every car I ever owned my dad bought ! Gracie got hit by a car right before my dads wedding I called him crying and the vet bill was paid , when I was staying with friends and had no where for Grace to stay my dad had her for a few months she loved him, all you'd see was a big pick up with a little yorkie in the window ridin along! He took her everywhere!! ( Stacy)
I remember my dad took me on a date to onifrios. And when me and Steven broke up I moved into a tiny studio with him , he had no room and no privacy but he didn't mind me living with him. He was always always there to rescue me. Always. ( Stacy)
A friend of mine lived across the street from my brother John.She had no car,and three small babies at home.In the middle of the night,more than once,she called my brother across the street and asked him if he could please go to the store for her to get Children's Tylenol,because one of her children had a fever.Even though my brother had to get up early for work the next day,,he went.He even had to drive to more than one store because in the middle of the night,,there are not that many places open that carry Children's Tylenol.He had a heart of GOLD,and always helped anyone that he could!!!!Oh,,,and forgot to add that he would not take a dollar from her!!!
Last night and my mom remembered how when we moved from Center Moriches your dad came and helped my dad take out all the ceiling fans and they shorted out the whole house. Made me miss you and want to hug you!!
After my dad passed away, every time we went to visit mom John would always leave her 100 dollars. She loved him so much! ( my mom)
I remember some weird guy came to Daddy's house with a little girl , he told daddy he had to do something but was gonna drop the little girl to stay with some strange people , so Daddy ended up keeping her cause he didn't want the girl to be with weirdos. She loved daddy and daddy spoiled her for a day or two. I dunno what happened to her. ( Stacy)
John was such a great mom just reminded me that 1 year we didnt have a xmas tree & he went out & got us a tree...i also remember going off roading @ the beach.. He was def 1 of the coolest dads ever & i am very grateful for just knowing him. May he R.I.P
speeding through a parking lot and yelling, " slow down!" to the elderly doesn't exactly count as a random act of kindness but he always made them laugh.( me)
I remember someone knocking on our door asking for $ because his wife was having baby and they needed gas to get to the hospital. He knew it was a scam but said if their that desperate, why not spare a few bucks. ( me)

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