Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm way too excited to home-school!!!

Today was a very good home-school day! Normally home-schooling my 4 year old is a huge task because he is very strong willed and I am not. This usually does not make for a pleasant experience. However, I am determined that I will not give up. No one will love him like I do and I'm afraid that not many will have the patience that I do...well that he needs at least. He is only 4 and already attends VPK so I never go over an hour of home-school. Just 30 minutes of  Math and 30 minutes of Reading , and an occasional animal project for Science because he LOVES it!. Well, today was exciting because I implemented my discipline chart!!! Yes, it was exciting! First I introduced the three home-school rules.
  •  Respect Mommy
  • Follow Instructions
  • Finish your work 
We went over the rules and even acted them out both positively and negatively. ( He loved getting to be bad)  Then I showed him the TARGET!  I made a target with 4 colors ( green, yellow, orange and red). He starts off on green and  every time he breaks a rule, he has to move his magnet up a color. Yellow means no TV for the evening ( we only have movies that we rent from the library), orange means no computer games for the evening ( he has yet to know that video games exist) and red means...well..I will not admit on the internet what red means but he does not want to get on red, :o) He can move back to green for good behavior but still gets the consequence.

I also made a sticker chart. If his magnet is on green at the end of our home-school day, he gets to put a sticker on his sticker chart. I made a chart with three columns and three rows. When he completes a row, he gets to choose a special treat from the dollar store, When he completes the whole chart, he gets to choose between McDonald's or going to the movies with  Mommy or Daddy.

He even got his first sticker today! He did move to yellow and lost TV privileges but was able to move back to green before home-school was over. I am thrilled at his excitement and can't wait for many good home-school days to come!

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